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The Jones Girls

We're A Melody: The Essential Jones Girls is, due to corona, unfortunatly my only project in 2020. First time colleberating with Wayne Dickson of BBR I was asked to design the booklet, back cover and cd labels. The release has been postponed

Original release date: November 2020

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Call Me By Your Name

For the Remixology EP by Peter Jöback I was asked to make and Extended Remix of the John Mauritzon and Vinny Vero's Sunset '84 Remix. There are some unreleased Remixes and in addition I helped design the cover for the release.

Released: May 2019

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Indigo Deluxe Edition

The second deluxe edition for Matt Bianco I have made for Vinny Vero. Indigo 30th anniversary Deluxe Edition is a beautiful three disc digipack with full colour booklet. Alongside this release I created a promotional Indigo megamix.  

Released: Juli 2018

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Matt Bianco Deluxe Edition

Commisioned by re-issue producer Vinny Vero from So Hip It Hurts and released through Cherry Pop I've had the pleasure of working on this beautiful deluxe edition re-issues for Britisch jazz/Latin pop band Matt Bianco. I have done the cover, booklet and label designs for the two disc edition of Matt Bianco (the album).

Released: October 2017

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Jos Leene in short

My fascination for remixes started in the mid-eighties when I discovered the wonders of the 12” single. Vinyl was at its peak and the record labels used this extension of the regular single with mind blowing creativity. Of course I became a collector, often not even recognizing the original album version (or mistaking them for a new remix) of a hit single because I only knew the extended 12” version or the remix.

I started remixing my favorite tracks with a cassette player and a turntable when I was 15. It didn’t sound all that good but I discovered structure and tension and have been hooked ever since. Now, decades later I can’t listen to a song without hearing the different elements hidden within the merged and mastered whole. My mind begins to dissect the layers and I imagine what they would add up to in a longer, bolder and more streched version.

 My style can best be described as NeoClassic. I map classic 12” remix structures onto new or re-issue material. My remixes will always pay tribute to the original version of a track. I want my alternative longer remix to have everything that defines the album or 7” version but I want it longer, larger and more intense. It will enable the listener to discover hidden elements that have always been there but which only surface in the Extended Version.

Where my story will end, I don’t know. I recently had the luck to stumble on long time music mastermind Vinny Vero that recognizes my passion and trusts me to treat his production material with love & dedication. I will be able to share more information about our collaborations soon.


Extended Versions

Using the stems of your recording I create a longer version that compliments the original. I will explore the depths of the song and unravel surpriging elements. Making sure that fans will want to hear it over and over again. The lengths of my mixes range from the 7:00 minute mark and beyond.

Dub Versions

Next to your Extended Version I can build a Dub Mix. Generally a shorter version that plays with delays and minimalistic musical elements from your original stems. A Dub Mix is a fun remix that often discards the original structure of your song but keeps the vibe.


A MegaMix is often used for promotion. Using the stereo masters of all the singles or tracks from an album or re-issue I make one long ongoing remix highlighting the artist or bands accomplishments. 

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Music Design

From cover to booklet to disc design I can help bring your vision to life. Brand new or along the design lines of an original album when you are releasing a re-issue. Press ready when it leaves my hands.

Concepts & Mock-Ups

Mock-ups are key when pitching to a record label or manager. They help convince the decision makers to give a GO on your project. A digital mock-up looks like a final product. CD, digipack or vinyl record, so real you can almost smell them.
Also used for marketing and social engagement.

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